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The Digital Evolution – register now for the Bechtle Competence Days 2018.

80 expert presentations, 80 booths and 150 Bechtle specialists: The focus of the event on 11 and 12 April 2018 is a professional analysis of the opportunities presented by digitalisation.

T&Cs, cybercrime, data protection – the subject of trust on the Internet.

How does trust work on the internet, where people are largely anonymous? An interview with Matthias Kammer, Director of the German Institute for Trust and Safety on the Internet (DIVSI).

Bytes and Bobs.

Whether your passion is books, DIY, travelling or gaming, there’s a trending topic for everyone to read, explore and enjoy in the digital or real world.

Bechtle's structured approach to GDPR compliance.

In just a few months’ time, businesses will be required to ensure their organisation protects data in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As Bechtle’s own experience goes to show, a structured approach is now key to making the best use of the time they have left.

World-class design for a special mission – with Solidworks 3D CAD software.

With his “Impulse Boost” sit ski, Simon Weber has taken mono skibobbing to a whole new piste—the high-tech professional league. The speedy device was built with the help of Solidworks 3D CAD software.

Cybercrime affects us all. A video interview with Milad Aslaner, expert for cyber defence at Microsoft.

What are the most common gateways for cyber criminals? How can cloud technologies help combat cybercrime? And how will cyber security evolve in the future? Milad Aslaner, specialist for cyber defence at Microsoft, has the answers in our video interview.

Toughened tools for workshops around the world.

Automotive workshops today rely on IT just as much as they do on hydraulic lifts, spanners, and the trained eyes and ears of auto mechanics. Service technicians use specialised software for vehicle diagnostics and programming.

Aruba – On the right side of history.

Everybody knows Wi-Fi, everybody has Wi-Fi. And yet the business potential is great. Lars Hartmann, Sales Director Germany at Aruba, in an interview about loaction based services and the working world of the future.

How will we work in the future? A video interview with collaboration expert Tony Redmond.

Microsoft experts and enthusiasts from Ireland, France and the USA united to explore the topics of modern collaboration and the workplace of the future at the aOS event in Aachen.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – A new era in data protection.

The clock is ticking—the deadline for companies to ensure they are compliant with the new European regulation is the end of May 2018. And if you miss the cut off point, you could face serious penalties.

Welcome to Mixed Reality: Q&As on the Microsoft HoloLens:

As the first and only reseller of Microsoft HoloLens in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Bechtle offers a full consulting service for using mixed reality headsets in businesses. We address the most important questions and answers.

Machines with brains – a graphic view of artificial intelligence.

Learning is no longer the prerogative of the biological brain. While working with a variety of neural networks, British start-up Graphcore set out to show the world in pictures how machines acquire knowledge.

Bechtle Financial Services – Counting on the future.

Bechtle Financial Services AG bridges the gap between IT and finance, and factors in the future, too.

The next-generation workplace.

A modern workplace is much more than just accessible from anywhere. Andreas Wilker has looked the future of our workplace in the eye. In our interview, he outlines ways to make it a reality.

Networking across borders. Bechtle’s International Business Unit.

No two customers are alike, and Bechtle has multiple avenues to ensure that each one receives exactly what they need. Michael Moon, Head of the International Business Unit at Bechtle, about cross-border IT projects.

From Crop to Shop: Oettinger Davidoff streamlines global ERP systems.

Based on the modern SAP S/4HANA Business Suite Oettinger Davidoff standardises and centralises its fragmented IT environment.

Signposting success: An interview with motivational expert Marco Büchel.

Marco Büchel injects his experience as a professional athlete into the business world.

Pretty Dangerous – Computer Viruses Brought to Life.

The artist Alex Dragulescu specialises in the visual representation of malware. His tools? The programming codes found in computer viruses, spyware, worms and trojans.

Welcome to the future – Special Release on Digitalisation.

Digital economy, digital work, digital life. It seems that virtually everything is digital now. But there are still many unanswered questions. Find insights, inspiration and answers in our special release on digitalisation.

Double award success for Bechtle UK at the Wiltshire Business Awards 2017.

Big night for Bechtle direct UK: The team received two 2 of the prestigious awards at the Wiltshire Business Awards.

From Big Data to Smart Data.

Does big data automatically mean big profits? Not necessarily. Mountains of statistics are useless if you don't ask the right questions—and collect data that's relevant.

Digitalisation in SMEs – Dr Nikolaus Förster talks opportunity and reservations.

Wie sollen Mittelständler die Digitalisierung angehen? Welche Vorteile haben sie? Dr. Nikolaus Förster, Journalist und Geschäftsführer Impulse Medien GmbH, im Video-Interview.

A Look Back on Bechtle’s 2017 Competence Days.

This year’s motto, “The World is Hybrid”, illustrates the distinctive openness characteristic of IT design today.

Bechtle and HPE Join Forces at CeBIT 2017.

The Bechtle Group is participating in the world’s largest IT fair alongside its vendor partners, including HPE. We sat down with Ascan Collier, head of the HPE team at Bechtle, to learn more about their focus at this year’s event.

Digitalisation: The Time Has Come.

Digitalisation comes in many shapes and sizes. What is necessary? What is possible? What foundations need to be established? How can we achieve sustainable digitalisation?